February 2018


February 2018

KNOWN: We feel our best when we look our best

UNKNOWN: Which days red lipstick is going to be the game changer

Let’s weigh out the options.

  1. Chocolate – Pure happiness! Followed by guilt about the consumption and lack of time to add more exercise to a hypothetical routine that would burn off the additional calories.
  2. Roses – Heart warming! Until they die, leaving pedals all around which has a certain charm to it, until someone has to pick it all up.
  3. Jewelry – Let’s be honest, this is timeless gift. (Commitment required)
  4. Lipstick or Hairspray – Say’s “I listen to you”. Used daily with love in every use. Everything else is better when she looks and feels her best.


Our annual mantra here at the academy is:
When in doubt, apply more!
Our gifts always fit the person and the situation.